22072 - 3 Tone Intermittent Sounder. (1pc)

22072 - 3 Tone Intermittent Sounder. (1pc)
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Three tone interittent minature sounder was developed for tipper operators to warn if the PTO is engaged and/or the tipper body is in the raised position. The device is a response to OEMs and fleet operators requests for warning devices to aid in the reduction of incidents of major consequential damage due to operator error such a driving with the PTO left engaged and striking overhead hazards such as bridges, tunnels and electrical wires due to the body being left in the raised position. Often used in conjunction with our 24726 visual warning device.


Unique, microprocessor controlled, three descending pulse tones won't be confused with other audible in-cab warning devices

Sound level won't drown out other warning devices.

Unobtrusive sound won't annoy operators when used for prolonged periods which can lead to them tampering with or disabling the device.

Snap-fit panel mounting via 14mm hole.

Internally protected against overcurrent and reverse polarity

Will fit through many vehicle existing switch blanks

Optional warning decals available: 20950 & 20951


Sound level: 91db(A) @1M  (max.)

Multi-voltage operation: 10-30VDC.

Descending Pulse Frequencies: 2.7KHz, 2.5KHz, 2.2KHz

Current draw: 65mA @ 12VDC

Wiring: hard-wired with 270mm of cable

Size: 15mm diameter x 25mm long

For interior use only

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