About Us

Van Line Distributors Pty Ltd has been the leading wholesaler/distributor of  innovative and next generation auto electrical products for over 30 years.

Many of our competitors copy what we do and sell and, indeed, we do sell to many of our competitors.

Some brands we are distributors for are: BBS Tek, Britax, Electra Cables, GSL, Hella, LED Autolamps, Narva, Projecta, Whitevision, Lucidity, and Vision Alert.

We also have our own Vanline branded products that account for a large part of what we source and sell.

Our main areas of product depth and expertise are in LED lighting (truck & trailer, beacons, worklights etc) harness products, switches, connectors and harness manufacture.

We also manufacture and our processes cover CNC routing, engraving, laser cutting, painting and fabrication.

As a warehouse operation and supplier to OEM and trade, this online shop is our only channel open to the public to purchase from us selected hard to find and 'unique-to-us' products. If you want some of the many other products from our main site feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we will be happy to quote you.

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