DIN / ISO - Car types

This connector is the standard European car trailer connector.

Often shipped with imported European vehicles they can now be utilised with our matching halves without the need for replacing or using adaptors. They can also be used for general purpose applications.

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82097 - 13pin DIN / ISO socket. (1pc)
13pin DIN / ISO socket commonly used on European vehicles. Mates with 82197 Features: ..
Ex Tax: $14.21
82197 - 13pin DIN / ISO plug. (1pc)
13pin DIN / ISO plug commonly used on European vehicles. Mates with 82097 Features: C..
Ex Tax: $16.31
83406 - Multi-fit plug suit cigarette and accessory sockets. (1pc)
Rated at 16A. Removable adapter. Fits standard cigarette lighter sockets. Fits D.I.N ..
Ex Tax: $8.50
83495 - Adjustable plug-on-tube socket base. (1pc)
For any angled surface. Adjusts from 0-1000 from the horizontal plane. Heavy duty 2 bolt fixi..
Ex Tax: $54.45

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