Privacy Policy

We here at Van Line Distributors Pty Ltd respect our customer's wishes of privacy and confidentiality.

Whether it be for reasons of  'Commercial in Confidence' or 'Intellectual Property' we do not share such sensitive information with any other party without your prior  consent or instruction.

No personal information is collected from this site that can be used by third parties to contact you. We do not sell or forward any information to any third party with the intent for such party to use such information for the purposes of unsolicited mail (spam) or mailing lists. The only information we can gather is that which is freely available to any website such as 'hits' and page view information from website performance statistics for the purpose of internet Search Engine Optimisation to make our clients - current and prospective - find us easier.

As a business that heavily utilises e-mail as a mode of  communicating with customers and suppliers, Van Line Distributors Pty Ltd  is acutely aware of the abuses the internet can impose upon business and understands the importance of privacy.

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