20099 - Self Fusing Tape - (1roll)

20099 - Self Fusing Tape - (1roll)
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Sold in single 10M x 19mm rolls.

Self fusing tape provides a way to wrap on an insulating sleeve over an existing section of cable.

The tape has a very high elongation rating and so by stretching the tape as it is wrapped over the tape fuses to itself forming into a sleeve which is water and dust proof (where the ends are sealed from ingress). This is also useful for bundling cables as the tape wont unravel once fused.


- Excellent weatherability

- Elongation: 980% @40N/10mm2 @23oC

- Breakdown voltage: 45KV/mm

-  +90o C continuous rated

- EFT film over rubber adhesive 

- Supplied with liner between roll layers

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