20164 - Expanding Harness Sleeve - (1roll)

20164 - Expanding Harness Sleeve - (1roll)
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20164 expands from 20mm to around 40mm and is sold in 2.5M rolls. Bulk rolls available.

It provides a 'knitted' finish to harnesses and provides superior abrasion resistance. Commonly used in military and aircraft industries.

If allowed to move or vibrate on their own, hard tube conduits or coverings can rub through the cables they are designed to protect especially when hard debris has entered the harness bundle. Expanding sleeve allows debris to pass out of the bundle along with any moisture that may cause corrosion issues over time.


- Superior abrasion resistance

- Operating temperature of -70oC to + 120oC

- Made from black monofilament PET

- Flame resistant to UL224


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