82196 - 2pin 200A SAE plug. (1pc)

82196 - 2pin 200A SAE plug. (1pc)
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2pin SAE socket commonly used with load covers, trailer winches and pumps.

Mates with 82096 and all other competitor brands.


200A contact rating.

Terminals can be soldered prior to assembly and accept up to 3B&S / 3AWG cable.

Floating contacts are self cleaning and tolerant to 'wiggling' motion when mating and unmating connectors.

Supplied with dust boot.

Floating contact versus fixed contact:

Left - fixed contact. Right - floating contact.

Floating contacts are designed to be flexible. They handle the inevitable 'wiggling' that accompanies mating and unmating better than fixed or solid contacts.

Fixed contacts eventually become prised apart and lose gripping tension over sucessive mating/unmating cycles and end up becoming electrically unreliable.

In floating contacts the spring returns the contact fingers to their original alignment and gripping tension once mated. Consistent gripping tension is

also important for the contacts to remain 'self-wiping' during mating and, therefore, ensuring good electrical contact over time.

A wider finger gap aids in debris displacement and makes for easier cleaning maintenance as well as enhancing contact flexability.

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