95026 - 29-32W TCS LED flood lamp. (1pc)

95026 - 29-32W TCS LED flood lamp. (1pc)
95026 - 29-32W TCS LED flood lamp. (1pc) 95026 - 29-32W TCS LED flood lamp. (1pc) 95026 - 29-32W TCS LED flood lamp. (1pc)
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This is the latest generation in LED lamps. It combines TCS LED drive circuitry and upgraded optics - all within a compact design.

What is TCS?: TCS (Temperature Control Circuitry) drives LEDs to produce more light (up to 2.7x more) but keeeping them within their design temperature range. An on board temperature sensor monitors the LEDs constantly and varies the light output according to the lamp's capacity to dissapate heat. During cooler periods such as night time, winter, on the move when air is passing over the lamp body, during wet conditions and other typical conditions that are more likely to require lighting to be used, the LEDs are driven brighter. When the lamp's power (and therefore the heat they generate) are reaching their design temperature the LEDs are 'throttled' back. All this provides a logical fit as to when and how the lamps would be used normally. TCS maximises performance and also provides an active layer of temperature protection for the LEDs.


- TCS drive circuitry utilising Osram LEDs providing up to 2.7x more power for a lamp this size.

- Four 6W Osram high output LEDs in a wide 1200 flood pattern.

- 2700 raw lumen output - 1400-2200 effective lumens

- 29-32W class output

- Multivoltage operation: 10-30VDC

- Low current operation: 1.29A - 2.46A

- Weatherproof to IP67.

- Diecast aluminium alloy housing

 - Polycarbonate lens

- Stainless steel single bolt mount bracket

- CE, RoHS

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