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444 Series Switches

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444 Series Switches

ENG-LogoENG switches are a drop in replacement for SWF equivalents and are designed for automotive applications from cars and trucks to tractors and industrial machines or any 12V/24V application not exposed to the elements. The illumination function is separate to the switching circuit and is therefore optional and highly configurable.

All switches & indicators are supplied with a 24V globe fitted and a 12V globe included in the packaging where relevant. All switches & indicators require the use of an insert over the illumination opening. See ‘Inserts’ sections for more options. All switches are rated at 4-14VDC@16A and 15-28VDC@ BA.

Panel cutout is 44.1mmx22.1mm Lighting positions – Switches can display illumination in different modes. This is useful where a switch is required to be dull in the ‘off’ position and bright in the ‘on’ position. They can also be ordered to operate in dull or bright mode exclusively. When illumination is required, order the part number with the corresponding illumination mode:
A=Bright illumination in any switch position. B=Dull illumination in any switch position C=Dull illumination in off position and bright illumination in on position(s) The dull effect is obtained through a mechanical ‘shading’ of the globe in the dull position. Only 1.2W globes should be used.