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420 Series Switches

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420 Series Switches

carling-logo420 series Carlingswitches are designed for automotive applications from cars, trucks, tractors and industrial machines to marine or any 12V/24V application exposed to the elements. Modem styling make them ideally suited for passenger vehicles. Non illuminated switches are sold complete with a plain black actuator. Illuminated switches are sold as two parts – the rocker switch body and an actuator. Actuators are available with a plain white illumination window that is coloured by the LED or with a range of printed decals and are replaceable without having to remove or disassemble the switch making them ideal for future field refurbishment, replacement or re-use.

Panel cutout is 37mm x 21mm Panel thickness to 4mm Connector housings available for harness integration All switches are rated at 4-14VDC@20A, 15-28VDC@15A, 250VAC@10A Silver alloy contacts for long life 150,000 cycle operation minimum design life 12Vor 24V LED illumination Actuators made of polycarbonate overlaid with hard wearing n lon – IP67 rating Panel gasket seal rated to IP68 Actuation and illumination submersion tested to 1Mfor30mins -40 C to +85°C working temperature range Meets MIL standards for corrosion, vibration, shock, dust, salt spray and thennal shock Meets UL standards for ignition protection for marine applications